Carpet is still one of the most popular flooring options around for Lincoln homeowners. There is little wonder why so many people enjoy carpet. It feels great underneath the feet, it’s comfortable to stand and to sit on, and it adds warmth to the room, among other benefits. But, carpet can be tricky to keep clean and this can deplete its lifetime. Rather than risk the lifetime and longevity of your carpet, keep the five care tips below in mind.

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1.    Vacuum the Floors: high traffic carpet areas should be vacuumed twice per week to maintain their durability and appearance. Other areas should be vacuumed at least once per week.

2.    Clean up Messes: If you allow drinks/food in carpeted rooms, spills can and will happen no matter how careful you are. Don’t allow those spills to sit on the carpet where they’ll penetrate into the fibers. Clean it up quickly.

3.    Call a Professional: If you want the ultimate carpet care, make sure to clean the carpets. If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can always schedule service with a great carpet care company lincoln ne and get the job done the right way.

4.    Rearrange the Furniture: If you rearrange the furniture in the house in carpeted rooms, it minimizes the amount of wear and tear that one specific area of the carpet, in turn minimizing damages and prolonging the lifetime of the carpet.

5.    Take it Off: Don’t walk on carpet with shoes on your feet and don’t allow anyone else to enter the home with shoes on. Shoes really damage the fibers in the carpet, especially high traffic areas. Take them off and that’s no longer a worry.

Keeping a carpet clean may be a bit more difficult than it is with other flooring materials but it’s certainly worth the extra effort. Carpet is comfortable, cool, and fun, and works wonderfully in any home. Use the information above to prolong the lifetime of your carpets and your enjoyment with them.