On Sad Removal Of Old Tree In Garden

Saying good-bye to someone you are fond of and never likely to see again can be quite a sad experience. And there is nothing mirthful in the connotations attached to your everyday tree-hugger. He or she could be living next door to you. You may even be one. And that being said, you may just have a few dear trees on your property. If you have been living on the property for many years, these trees may have grown to great and wide heights.

Sometimes even, their thick, horizontal green branches may stretch across a road in front of your house. It does have its attractions too for those who may pass you by, whether on foot or on wheels. These trees provide all and sundry with shelter from the sun. And sometimes even from a gusty draft. From time to time in any garden lover’s life, it becomes necessary to say good-bye to one or two of their beloved trees.

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A tree removal fairfield ct maintenance team is usually summoned for this solemn occasion. Upon sober reflection, green-friendly folks do understand why the trees have to be removed sometimes. It is no fault of the flora that they sometimes pose dangerous hazards to the suburban humanity that may, in fact, have invaded their own space. Falling branches cannot be allowed to reach the roads and sidewalks.

They even pose a threat to the tree lover’s own home, breaking windows, damaging roof tiles, and sometimes, much worse. What a pity. Yes, it is sad. This is what happens when nature has its revenge. Sadly ironic because as the terrific storm passes away, it is the tree that has been sacrificed, not the alien invader. But there is hope. New trees are being planted every day.