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We offer free information on the keeping of Cichlids ranging from their profile, habitat, tank set-ups, breeding tips, photos, aquarium equipment & books/magazine reviews. Our vision is to provide the best comprehensive information on cichlids for like-minded hobbyist all over the world and be the best web site providing information on the keeping of the Cichlid species.

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Photo Gallery

There are 2 photo galleries.

There are also posters of cichlids in the Gallery. 

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Frontosa Poster

Tropheus Duboisi Poster

Poster on Tropheus, Duboisi


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Cichlids from Africa
Click for description on Africa Cichlids Click for description on Africa Cichlids


Africa has more species of Cichlids than any other continents. Generally, they can be  divided them into Cichlids from the Great Lakes of Africa and the West & South Riverine Cichlids. Cichlids from Great Lakes, i.e.. Lake Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria, are possibly the most colorful freshwater fishes. They are sometimes refer to as coral fishes as their colours are comparable to the marine fishes. 


Include profiles of  Frontosa, Pseudotropheus  Zebras, Aulonocara, Venustus, Tropheus Duboisi, Tropheus, Pemba, Orange FlamePseudotropheus Demasoni, etc. Read more ...


Cichlids from Central America include those from Texas to Panama and  inclusive of Mexico. These are medium large to large fishes and require spacious tanks. They are generally robust and easy to keep. Due to their large size and aggressiveness, they are often kept in a big tank and treated as pets. Many of them can also be interactive, recognising their owners and behave in manners similar to domestic pets. 


Include profiles of Includes profiles of  Vieja Argentea, Salvani, Vieja Bifasciatum (Red Head Monk), Convict Cichlid, Thorichthys Meeki (Fire Mouth), Parachromis Loisellei Hypsophrys Nicaraguensis.  etc.  Read more ...


Cichlids from South America

Click for description on South America Cichlids

Some of the most common Cichlids have homes in South America. These include the Angel fish, Discus, Oscars etc. Some of these are huge but there are other that are in the dwarf category.


Include profiles of  Green terror, Tilapia Buttikoferi, Uaru Amphiacanthoides (aka Triangle Cichlid or Poor man's Discus) etc. Read more ...


Book & Magazines Reviews

Reviews of books/ magazines on Cichlid keeping and fish keeping. These are the latest being reviewed :


Click to view review of books and Magazines

Click to view review of books and Magazines

What's New


Description of Anomolachromis Thomasi (Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid).    A profile of this East African Cichlid that is suitable for planted tank. Read more ...


Male Anomolachromis Thomasi in full breeding colours

Description of T Buttikoferi (photos courtesy of Patrick T Howard).   Updated description of this lively fish with photos contributed by Patrick T Howard.  Read more ...


Updated Photo Gallery for African Cichlids.  Updated photo gallery of cichlids from Africa including Frontosa and Tropheus.


Description and Profile of Red Moliro Tropheus. One of the easiest and rewarding tropheus for starters.  Read more ...

Tropheus Moorii (Red Moliro)

How to Select C. Frontosa (Cyphotilapia Gibberosa)

Description of Blue Dempesy (Nandopsis Octofasciatum)

Description of Aulonocara Rubescens (Ruby Red Peacock)

Description of Aulonocara Baenschi (Yellow Regal or Banga Peacock Cichlid)

Review of SERA GranuGreen  Contains Spirulina, Spinach as well as wheat meal, fish meat and various vitamins formulated for Lake Malawi, Tanganyika cichlids and herbivorous cichlids. It is therefore ideal for herbivorous fish that require  vegetable matter.


Articles on Fish Keeping

Related articles on fish keeping,  review of aquarium equipment, description of tank set-up and fish profiles. Some general articles :

Articles on Fish Keeping
Common Fish Measurements
How to select C. Frontosa
Life Span of a Cichlid




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